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22 Jan 2018  
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Elta Lite Cream (90g)  

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A major side effect of diabetes is dry skin. Diabetes reduces circulation. When skin cells do not receive a steady supply of water and nutrients, skin cannot stay healthy and repair damage. This means any scratch, abrasion, bump or other wound can lead to a chronic, hard-to-heal wound or ulcer. Lower legs and feet are particular problem areas. EltaŽ moisturizers help solve chronic dry skin breakdown for people with diabetes and others. EltaŽ skin care products are specially formulated to provide a watertight moisture barrier that works for twelve hours or more - three times longer than most creams. EltaŽ Creams melt on contact with the skin to provide concentrated moisturizing power. Safe for sensitive skin and fragrance-free. Dermatologist recommended.

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Elta Lite Cream (90g)
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