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16 Dec 2017  
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Ametop* Gel +Flex Dispenser (6cmX7cm) 12X1.5g  

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Warnings :
Only apply to intact, unbroken skin. Not to be taken internally. Ametop Gel*, like other local anaesthetics may be ototoxic and should not be instilled into the middle ear or used for procedures which might involve penetration into the middle ear. Repeated exposure to Ametop Gel* may increase the risk of sensitisation reactions to tetracaine. There is no specific information as to the safety of tetracaine in pregnancy. It is not known whether tetracaine or its metabolites are secreted in breast milk. Therefore the product is not recommended for use by pregnant women or by breast-feeding mothers.

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Ametop* Gel +Flex Dispenser (6cmX7cm) 12X1.5g
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